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The TDU renko chart package contains ALL the indicators we use to trade renko charts including a custom chart template. It contains a total of 18 indicators worth over $2200 when bought separately.

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$1835 | Lifetime license + updates

The TDU renko chart package contains ALL the indicators we use to trade renko charts including a custom chart template.

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The TDU renko chart package contains ALL the indicators we use to trade renko charts including a custom chart template. It contains a total of 20 indicators worth over $2200 when bought separately.

Indicators included:

TDU Renko Suite

The TDU Renko is a complete Renko trading suite including all the indicators needed to trade Renko.

TDU News Indicator

Always have the latest upcoming news events shown on the chart right in front of you in real time

TDU Wicked wave

The TDU Wicked Wave is our flagship custom built oscillator showing traders entries for both continuation and reversal trades

TDU Devils Pitch

The TDU Devil's Pitch can be used to show the angle of slope for any indicator you use as part of your NinjaTrader trading strategy.

TDU Measured move

A must have for any measured move or fibonacci trader looking to simplify their analysis, the TDU Measured Move indicator shows you which measured moves are in play at any time. 

TDU Auto Fibs

The TDU Auto Fibs indicator not only draws all relevant Fibonacci retracements for you but updates them on your chart in real time. 

TDU Divergence

Spot divergence and possible reversal zones in real time using the TDU Divergence indicator. 

TDU Initial Balance

The TDU Initial Balance indicator draws the premarket, opening and initial balance ranges. These ranges are very important in the market and are used by traders to spot potential turning points and support and resistance levels. 

TDU Toolbar

Advanced drawing toolbar including all the TDU specific drawing tools together with the standard NinjaTrader tools.

TDU Volume Profile

The TDU Volume Profile is a unique volume profile indicator which allows you to not only show the daily volume profile but also the volume profile of the visible range

TDU Unfilled gap

The TDU Unfilled Gap Indicator keeps you in the know and ready for the day the price moves to fill a price gap in the market.

TDU Pivots

The TDU Pivots indicator gives you instant visibility of important pivot points based on the high, low and closing prices of previous trading session

TDU Devils Edge

The Devil's Edge is a super charged MACD indicator combining five different indicators into one neat little package.

TDU Devils Bands

Visualise market volatility and spot potential reversal opportunities using the TDU Devil Bands.

TDU Waddah Attar explosion

Merging the Bollinger Bands and MACD together in a special way, the TDU Waddah Attar Explosion identifies the start of price explosion situations with a very high degree of accuracy.

- TDU TrendLines


- TDU Fractals

- TDU Donchian Channel

- TDU Instrument



    To use this indicator you must have a valid copy of NinjaTrader 8. License allows use of this indicator on a single trading computer validated using your machine ID.

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    License terms


    Licensing includes lifetime use of this indicator on a single trading computer. Lifetime support and updates are included and provided through the TradeDevils website. Download of your indicator and verification of your NinjaTrader 8 machine ID can be done through your personal TradeDevils account. If you change hardware, license can be moved to a different machine ID. If you have any questions about this indicator or others feel free to get in touch with us using the live chat or via our email address (

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