Whether you're looking for education, to be part of an amazing community or just access TradeDevils' analysis of the markets, there's a plan for you.



Be a key part of our thriving community of traders. Get support and learn from other 'Devils' as well as exclusive  access to market analysis from our team of Senseis,


Per month

Discord access (Common room, TA discussion rooms)

Access to Senseis.

Access to White Belt Course.

Basic trading resources

Deep dive market technical analysis

Early release on public market analysis

Regular email market analysis


If you're looking to make trading part of your lifestyle, there's no better way to do it.  As an educational member you get access to our Belt Courses, trading resources, the "Devil's Dojo" and all community channels in our Discord.


Per month

Discord access (Common room, TA discussion rooms, Trading rooms, Course Support)

Access to Senseis and Grandmasters.

Access to all Belt Course material (white, blue, purple, brown, black).

All trading resources

Deep dive and regular interactive market technical analysis

Early release on public market analysis

Devil's Dojo access

Regular email market analysis


For those looking to tune into TradeDevils' market analysis or get a taste of what the community and trading education is all about.


Per month

Discord access (Common room)

Access to White Belt Course.

Early release on public market analysis


Per month. Discount available for longer memberships


Per month ($1.60/day)


Per month ($6.56/day)


Per month

Is this for you?

I'm looking to be part of a trading community that is serious about our goal to succeed.

I'm looking to be self sufficient and incorporate trading into my lifestyle.

I want to see TradeDevils market analysis and get a taste for how TradeDevils works.

Social features included

Discord access

Common room

Trading rooms

TA rooms

Course support rooms

  • Devils Dojo

    Led by TradeDevils Senseis and experienced members 'The Devil's Dojo' is a hands-on trading channel focused on putting into practice everything learnt at TradeDevils. The Dojo is the place where members of different abilities can apply their knowledge, sharpen their skills and work together to find the best trading setups.

Access to The Dojo

Direct messaging

Other members



Technical analysis

Public videos (early release)

Crypto deep dive analysis

Index/stocks deep dive analysis

Interactive educational sessions

Course material

Introductory course

Belt system (all grades)

Exclusive learning material

Learning challenges/activities


Elliott Wave Cheat Sheets

Email TA

Market Analysis (Week ahead)

First access to new features

Early access TA notifications

Join us


Per month


Per month


Per month


Per month.

Frequently asked questions.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Subscription to TradeDevils can be paid for either on a monthly basis or every 3, 6 or 12 months.  Payment can be made using Credit Card (Stripe), PayPal, or using Crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple or other options).

Do I need to provide payment details for Free membership?

No payment details are needed to join TradeDevils and take advantage of the free services provided to our members.

How do I change payment plans?

If you are currently on either the Educational or Social plans and wish to change then please cancel your plan through your personal account and re-sign up to the plan of your choosing.  If you are having difficulty changing plans let us know and we will be glad to help.

If i am an Original Member do I continue to get the same benefits if I change my subscription?

Unfortunately Original Membership is only applicable to those members who held full membership prior to February 2020.  Changing your subscription plan or cancellation will remove any benefits of being an Original Member.

Did you know there's still time to be a TradeDevils Original?

Signup before February 11th 2020 and you will get access to every course, resource, software tool and indicator so long as your membership is active. That's thousands of $ worth for the usual price of membership. If you were ever going to join, now is the time... Find out more

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