A roadmap from beginning to success.

Born from over 40 years combined experience of the markets, the TradeDevils Belt System has been created for one purpose. To give you the knowledge and experience to become a self-sufficient, independent trader.

Introducing the Belt System

Trading isn't easy.  For some, it can take years of exploration, study, and practice to master the markets. And with anything you want to excel at, we all know how important it is to have experienced people around you that can offer their support and guidance to help you avoid the mistakes that so many make.

At TradeDevils we're not looking for followers. Our goal is to help people become leaders of ideas who can build on our experience and grow as independent, self-sufficient traders in their own right.

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Introducing the Belt System.

What is The Belt System?

Inspired and derived from concepts found in the world of martial arts, the Belt System is our core educational program available to all Educational Plan members.

Starting at White, each belt progresses and builds on the foundational ideas we use and promote at TradeDevils. Beginning with a focus on the theory and developing to a level where you can efficiently analyse any market on any timeframe, the Belt System is designed for both absolute beginners and more seasoned traders looking to take their skills to the next level.

Aside from being a perfect roadmap to build your personal trading strategy around, the Belt System allows our team of Senseis and community to understand your level of progression and support your journey in the right way. 

What you'll learn

White Belt

Your first taste of the Belt System introduces you to some of the chart settings and tools we will be using throughout the course but also brings you up to speed on some more basic concepts including price action, volume profiling, support and resistance and of course an introduction to Elliott Wave Theory. Far from advanced, the White Belt course offers those who are new to TradeDevils a chance to not only brush up on their understanding of some important theories but get to grips with the terminology and foundational thinking used by our members and Senseis.

Setting up your charts and introduction to the tools we use.

The importance of risk management.

Supply & demand, price movement and volume profiles.

Internal and external retracements.

Trending and ranging markets.

An introduction to Elliott Wave, the basic form and important terminology.

The 3 rules & understanding subdivision.

The two modes: motives and corrections.

Discovering probability and relationships between waves.

Blue Belt.

During your time studying for your Blue Belt members will begin to develop a solid understanding of the more intricate details of Elliott Wave Theory, as well as exploring how geometry and algorithmic activity in the market can be used in your favour.  Blue Belts will come away with a fuller understanding of how to analyse any market of your choice and more importantly, identify the potential opportunities within them.

Managing risk: Drawdown and position sizing

Recognizing and trading algos in the markets.

Trend lines, channellng and pitchforks training.

Elliott Wave patterns: Structure, retracements and case studies.

Motive waves: Impulsive and diagonals in depth.

Correctives: Zig zags, flats and triangles.

Extensions and truncations.

Equality and alternation.

Bringing everything together: Blank chart analysis.

Purple Belt

Extending our theory into new areas and tackling more complex concepts, we begin to shift our focus to practical aspects of analysis and trading. Purple Belt holders will not only be able to show that they are familiar with all the rules and guidelines of Elliott Wave, but have an advanced understanding of the key elements of the TradeDevils methodology and are able to demonstrate this in the markets.

Volume in depth

Price and time.

Gann and advanced geometry.

Advanced Elliott Wave patterns: Combos, doubles and triples.

Relative degree

Orthodox tops and bottoms.

The win win trade: 3's and C's.

Trading triangles

Mistakes in trading

Making the case: Finding and building confluence.

Developing your trading idea.

Creating your trading log and understanding efficiency

Brown Belt

For those who have mastered the foundational subjects and have demonstrated application in the market, Brown Belt digs deeper into the development of your trading personality with the aim of finding consistency and efficiency in your strategy. Brown Belts will demonstrate that they can consistently and successfully apply the Trade Devils methodology. And they have adapted their strategy to manage and mitigate risk effectively.

Knowing the right time frame for you.

Trading styles: The day trader and the swinger trader.

Understanding the equity curve

Psychology of trading: Managing emotions.

Incorporating tools and indicators in your trading analysis.

Elliott Wave trading: Triangles, flats and 5th waves.

Laddering, adding and scaling out.

Understanding and using volatility.

Position sizing, risk and game theory.

Building, testing and improving a strategy.

Black Belt.

Black Belts will not only be self-sufficient traders with a clear understanding of every different aspect of their own trading methodology, they will be shown to be able to adapt their skill across multiple markets and timeframes. As a course, members on Black Belt will spend time with TradeDevils Senseis and Grandmasters, further developing their skills.

All members who achieve Black Belt status will become free members of TradeDevils for life.

Development sessions with Senseis and Grandmasters.

Get started on your trading journey.

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